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Caribbean Blue Calcite emits deep, relaxing, and serene impulses that affect your true feelings, much like the Caribbean water's relaxing and attractive colors. This gemstone promotes relaxation and clears any distractions from your environment, allowing you to feel relaxed and in a healthy condition to appreciate your workday.

The frequency imparted by Caribbean Calcite forms an energy barrier over your atmosphere and others around you, filtering off dangerous and poisonous forces that might disrupt your peace. Engaging with the spirit of this elevating gemstone lets you feel a breeze of airflow, which adds additional cleanliness, innocence, and profound serenity to your day.

Self-awareness is a vital and profitable talent that contributes to developing our identities and personal moral progress. Personality helps you to perceive yourself in a more objective light. It forces you to identify several characteristics that you can always both grow and get beyond.

The capacity to become much more self-aware is strongly tied to the light transmitted by Caribbean Calcite. It improves your awareness, allows users to regulate your feelings easily, work collaboratively, and enhance your bonds with those you love most.

Elemental Energy: Water

Chakra: Throat and Third Eye

Zodiac Sign: Cancer, Taurus, Libra, and Pisces

Caribbean Calcite Point

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