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Slab stones are perfect for making a charging station for your crystals or your drinking water. Fireworks Stone is one of the most powerful crystals to help assist with developing spiritual strength. also known as Astrophyllite, it is a rare & unique formation of titanium silicate. Its name comes from a Greek word meaning “star leaf” because the formation looks like a leaf or a star! It can protect your psychic self, enhance telepathic abilities & contacting others through psychic means. It can help improve your psychic abilities without hindering your connection to the physical world. f you are stuck in a rut or at a turning point in your life & unsure what to do, Fireworks Stone will give you the energy to get you through the turning point & can fill you with positive energy.Fireworks Stone can assist you in alleviating the guilt you are holding onto from the past & instead, help you to focus on the future & overcoming your mistakes. It has the ability to help you accept the negative areas in your life & release them as they are drowned out by the positive.

Elemental Energy: Storm, Air, Fire

Chakra: All, crown & root

Zodiac Signs: Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer

Firework Stone Slab

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