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Marvel Bliss creates special small batch flower essences. Flower Essences were developed by Dr. Bach when he realized that each flower holds a specific sonic resonance that can target different emotional blockages/misaims in the auric shield and body. With the help of programed water with healing frequencies and the sun, Marvel has captured the delicate sonic therapeutic resonance of each unique flower. Marvel harvested and created all her beautiful flowers during the electrical peak during the solar maximum energy of the Aurora Borealis in 2024 which was the strongest peak in over 20 years that was seen all over the world. With the help of the high gamma solar rays, she also infuses each essence with quartz crystal for an additional healing boost for a one-of-a-kind artisan Aurora Borealis Batch. All essences are persevered using top shelve brandy. Just four drops under the tongue four times a day is all that is required to get the benefits of the flower. These essences can also be added to bath water or used topically for an added increase of restoration.


-Gardenia Shadow Transcender- Gardenia flower essence helps one to integrate the shadow self. Shadow is housed in the first 3 chakras: the root, the sacral, and the solar plexus. This essence helps one to find the strength to face your shadow side and not bypass it, knowing ultimately that it is trying to protect and/or help you. With this flower essence you gain the understanding that you run the shadow and the shadow does not run you. It promotes healthy relationships with the shadow side and helps one to perceive your weaknesses as the source of your greatest strengths. Seeing all aspects of yourself as beautiful, worthy, and loveable even the darker shadowy side of yourself.

Gardenia Shadow Transcender

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