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Merlinite is a powerful tool for shamans, alchemists, wiccans, and druids. It brings a sense of spiritual awareness to our everyday life. It helps us to see our place within the Divine Plan and to walk our spiritual path with joy and courage. Merlinite connects with the forces of nature and gives us insights into earth medicine and healing rituals. It encourages us to be more receptive to messages from our totem animals and from the fairy world. Merlinite invites us to face our shadow self and all our fears, and to move beyond them into wisdom. It hones our natural intellectual gifts and playful inspires our curiosity about the spiritual and physical world alike. Merlinite encourages the old to have young hearts, and the young to have wise minds. It is an excellent stone to enhance psychic abilities such as mediumship, clairvoyance, clairsentience, spiritual communication, past-life recall, shamanic journeying, and more. A stone of synchronicity, Merlinite manifests both luck and power. It dispels negative energy and protects us from difficulty. Merlinite is an aid to learning all types of magic. It opens the psychic channels for intuitive understanding and also attracts teachers from other planes to assist in one's 'studies' during the dream state and in meditation. It helps one grasp the interrelations between astrology, tarot, numerology and other 'occult sciences. It facilitates the practice of scrying, in which one gazes into a mirror, polished stone or other reflective surface in order to view probable futures. It opens one's energy field to its innate capacity to serve as a channel for manifestation.

Elemental Energy: Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Storm

Chakra: Root, Solar Plexus, and Third Eye

Zodiac Sign: Gemini and Sagittarius

Merlinite Palm

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