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All colors of Fluorite energize our mind and spirit, swiftly shifting us into a positive state of being, able to focus our energies appropriately.  It helps us to assess situations correctly and determine what is needed and how to use our gifts for the Greatest Good, both for ourselves and for the world at large.  Fluorite celebrates individuality, reducing the power of outside influences and encouraging us to take control of our own lives.  It encourage us to make decisions and create practical systems so that we can stay stable and grounded, while living dynamic and creative lives.  Blue Fluorite in particular evokes spiritual awakenings, and helps us to take the brilliant flashes of insight we may receive in a moment and remember and integrate it after we return to our usual state of being.  


Elemental Energy: Air

Chakra: Throat and 3rd Eye

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn and Pisces

Raw Blue Fluorite

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